Blue Front Amazon Parrot Review

Of all the animals one can choose as a pet, a parrot is perhaps the most challenging to keep. Highly intelligent and notoriously temperamental, pet parrots brings with them a host of potential problems and difficulties. Common behavioral issues include biting, screeching, and defecating on people and property. In addition to specific problems, though, the larger goals of helping your parrot become well-adjusted and of forming a close bond with him or her can sometimes feel hopeless to even the most patient and caring pet owner.

The need for a clear and effective method of parrot training is obvious to anyone with the slightest experience caring for these birds. Although there are, obviously, numerous differences between species of parrots, such as Cockatoos, Amazon, and African Greys, there are also many commonalities. If you own or are considering acquiring an Amazon Parrot, for instance, one of the most well-received and effective training methodologies is described in the Bird Tricks course.

The only thing that’s, perhaps, a bit confusing about Bird Tricks is its name. The course is not only about teaching your bird “tricks” (although that is in there.) Rather, it is about understanding the motivations behind your parrot’s actions and using this knowledge to correct behavior problems. Bird Tricks is a complete and thorough system for turning your parrot into the pet you’ve always dreamed of. Regardless of how serious his or her current issues are, the material presented in this program is the ideal key to a happy bird (and a happy owner.)

The elite training course is composed of three DVDs and a workbook. It was created and produced by the Womach brothers, a pair of regular guys who just happen to have an intense interest in parrots. This course is the end result of their years of trial and error experimentation as parrot owners. Their experience translates into a comprehensive system of parrot training and behavior modification based on teaching the parrot “tricks.” These tricks aren’t just fun to watch and a great way to impress friends and family, though, they are an effective means by which one can effectively socialize and train a parrot.

The DVDs include extensive, real-time footage of the Womach brothers taking a previously untrained bird from initial contact to a desirable, highly-trained state. This both demonstrates the proven validity of their techniques to the viewer and provides a step-by-step guide to doing the same things with your own parrot.

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