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Pros And Cons Of Using CBD Oil For Parrots

CBD tincture available not for humans only. A lot of manufacturers produce hemp oil for animals. Its primary feature is the absence of taste and smell. Therefore you can add to water and food of your bird. Let’s take a deep dive and discover the benefits and disadvantages of using CBD oil for parrots.

What is CBD Oil?

In short, it is an organic compound of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Unlike THC, it has zero psychoactive effect and won’t make your bird high. However, it affects particular receptors in the brain to reduce stress and relieve pain. Follow this link - if you want to learn more about Cannabisiodol-infused products.

Is It Safe for Birds?

The first claim that appears in heads of parrot owners is its safety for birds. Well, Cannabidiol is an organic extract. It is safe and non-toxic. Moreover, there are no side effects. However, an exceeded dose can provide a sedative effect on your parrot.

Pros of CBD Oil for Parrots

There are a lot of pros of using CBD oil for birds. As well as Elixinol CBD products, hemp oil for birds helps calm down and treat infections. Let’s review all the pros in more detail.

Increases Relaxation

It is easy to put a bird in stress. Fireworks, traveling, another pet, or a new environment can get your bird rattled. Consider pouring some CBD oil into the water if you don’t want your feathered-friend to become nervous and aggressive while traveling or fireworks.

Strong Immune System

According to the just CBD gummies review, Cannabidiol can improve the mood and help to feel better. If you want to take care of your bird, supplement a parrot’s nutrition with CBD oil.

Enhances Skin and Feather Health

Sometimes parrots can experience any problems with skin or feather health due to infections or absence of vitamins. CBD oil can help to treat your parrot’s skin and feather. You can administer it orally or topically. Remember that birds are not supposed to have oily feathers. Therefore don’t put it on a bird’s feather.

Organic Source

Cannabidiol is derived from hemp plants. It contains zero artificial extracts that may negatively affect your bird. Follow this link - if you want to learn more about products that contain Cannabidiol.

Fights Joint Pain

Sometimes birds sit on one leg only heat another one. However, if you notice that your parrot sits on the same leg every time, your bird may experience pain in joints. Do not hesitate to use CBD oil to fight pain in your parrot’s joints.

Cons of CBD Oil for Parrots

Nevertheless, CBD oil is not a cure for everything. Scroll down below to discover the main disadvantages of CBD oil for pets.

Lack of Studies

Doubtless, there is a lack of lab reports that prove the effectiveness of Cannabidiol or indicate any side effects. For now, the only source of information is the feedback of vets and bird owners.

No Dossage Research

The is no official research that indicates a CBD dosage for every kind of bird. A typical dose is 1mg of CBD of every 10 pounds of a pet’s weight.

Recommendation for Bird Owners and Breeders

Birds have a different body and immune system. Do not feed birds with regular food for humans. If you want your bird to be strong and healthy, ensure that your parrot has well-balanced nutrition for birds that implies a lot of vitamins.