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Modern Beowulf Writing Assignment

The sound of glasses clinking, the smell of fine wine, the town council drinking. Loud boasts and praises heard from every corner. At a dinner party held in a small town called Herot. Herot was the type of place that the second the sun would set streets became instantly empty and the night was illuminated by the moonlight. All five of the wealthiest families in town gather; Rhodes, Bradford, Grendel, Abbot, and Lowell. All hosted by the elegant Mrs. Abbot. Mrs. Abbot was wed to Dr. John Abot; a renowned orthopedic oncologist. No diamonds, fur coats, or even botox could hide the fact that with age her beauty faded. This was something Dr. Abot was well aware of. The families finish dining and the women begin gossiping over tea. As the dinner party proceeds, as usual, Dr. Abbot leads the most prestigious men of Herot to his office. This point of the night was known for continuous boasting.
As they amble in, Mr.Grendel chuckles uneasily and states, "Behold the grand lair."
Abbot finds his humor amusing and lets out a grin.
Mr. Rhodes, the acclaimed lawyer then glances at the vast selection of alcohol in the cabinets and says, "I could use a glass of bourbon, John." John Rhodes looks down at the floor with a mischievous smirk and says, "Indeed, a glass of bourbon does sound nice."
Mrs. Abbot knocks on the door and then opens it without a response. She hollers in her raspy voice that reeked of smoke saying, "John dear can I get you any wine?"
"Oh Carol, save the wine for the ladies, and leave us, men to be,'' replied John. Mrs. Rhodes storms out flabbergasted. It is quite strange how every time she remains surprised when its been years since her dear husband has treated her as anything more than a pest.
"For heaven's sake I wish Carol could have aged like the fine wine she constantly babbles about," says John to the men.
All the men began collectively snickering at his remark, all but one. Gabriel Grendel stays quiet while anxiously putting his hands inside his two pockets, both hands shaking as if they are eager to come out. His face twitches and blood rushes to his cheeks. The other men find this quite odd, but Mr. Grendel was always thought to be unusual. He was unlike the others. His wife came from the Lowell family, beholding generations of wealth and prosperity. Mr. Adam Lowell; Mrs. Grendel's brother, brought Gabriel into the town council. He simply wanted the best for his sister, Elenor. Elenor was rather beautiful, naturally beautiful. Unlike, Mrs. Rhodes, Elenor never needed to be embellished in riches to attain beauty, she is rather simple. The simple yet glowing woman was desired amongst the men of the council. Even the most prestigious men found themselves envious of Mr. Grendel. The men wanted her and all the women wanted to be her. Gabriel offers to make everyone a drink, after all, he was once a bartender. Gabriel always makes men drinks and they are more than happy to accept. Gabriel heads to the cabinets and then the bar, allowing the men to converse amongst themselves, always leaving one ear open.
A few chuckles are made and then Mr. Lowell whispers, "Common John that's my sister don't talk about her like that around me".
"Says the guy who can't, for the life of him win a case", replies Mr. Rhodes.
"You can't convince me if you can't convince the judge!", Dr. Abbot agrees. Mr. Rhodes is Mr. Lowell's largest competitor. On paper, Adam Lowell was a better lawyer, but for some reason, Mark Rhodes has never lost a case. Gabriel brings the men the drinks on a glass tray embellished with diamonds.
The Doctor looks up at Gabriel as he passes him his glass and says, "So Elenor is looking absolutel-."
Drew Bradford senses the anger in Gabriel's tight grip of the glass and quickly interrupts saying, "Doc you better watch yourself, all that talk could get you killed!".
The Doctor grabs the glass from the very anxious yet angered Mr. Grendel, releasing a light chuckle.
Once all five men have a crystal glass in their hand Grendel proposes a toast, "to more nights like these hosted by our most benevolent and accomplished doctor, John Abbot".
"Cheers!", everyone chants.
Dr. Abbot offers an entitled smile and says, "I'll drink to that".
Mrs. Abbot returns to the office and demands to speak to her husband, her face redder than the last she entered. This time, she would not leave, stubborn to get a word with her husband.
Finally, the light-headed esteemed man asked the men to leave his office giving him and his wife the privacy she desired. Faltering into the living room the four men join their startled wives. Gabriel Grendel approaches Elenor and sits beside her, then her brother Adam does the same.
Adam whispers into Eleanor's ears saying, "please do not tell me carol knows".
Mrs. Bradford overhears the whisper and looks directly at Adam and says "oh Adam… she knows everything".
Drew Bradford looks over at his wife saying, "Darling what sort of trouble has your love for gossip created?"
"The perfect, beautiful, and superior Elenor Grendel turns out to not be so perfect after all," said Mrs.Rhodes.
"Although she is deemed perfect, loyalty is her one imperfection" stated Mrs. Bradford.
"Elenor Grendel has been having an affair with Dr. Abbot!", exclaimed Mrs. Rhodes.
The woman who lived for small-town talk indulged in romanticizing the scandal.
On the other hand, the men were left bewildered, all but one. The husband of the mistress looked unfazed, one might say even content. As if a plan had fallen in place and every move was expected and desired. The lack of anger terrified Elenor fearing an unknown reaction. The nonchalant manner of her husband was not only unexpected but left her feeling uneasy. Everyone's eyes suddenly moved from Elenor onto Gabriel. The room turned into ice everyone froze. Suddenly the silence is broken by the sound of glass shattering in a distance, followed by a sharp squeal coming from the office.
"Help!", yelled Mrs. Abbot.
The startled men and women ran into the office, on their way to find something that would forever live in their minds. A man, 45 years of age, a doctor, beloved by patients and resented by friends, Dr. John Abbot began foaming out of his mouth. He was lying on his luxurious carpet that was now stained with the bourbon that was once held by his hand. Someone hurries to phone the police. The police came as quickly as possible but not before the angel of death had.
Mrs. Abbot feels like the world is collapsing on her. She begins to lose balance and her speech becomes slurred. The hostess has fainted out of shock, and the guests could not believe what they were witnessing. This was a life-altering tragedy.
Crime was no stranger to the town of Herot, but the 5 families never suffered the consequences of these infidelities.
The night disappeared as the sun became clear. The four families wake up, the men come downstairs, waiting for their cup of coffee with the paper beside giving them a stare.
The front page read in words filled with despair, "Doctor Abbot Tragically Passes Away!"
Unlike the four prestigious families, Sheriff Hrothgar woke up to the sound of a very hysterical Mrs. Abbot banging on his front door. She demands he begin the murder investigation.
Sheriff Hrothgar looks over at her with tired eyes saying unconvincingly, "Carol, we have our best men on it."
As more days pass, more gossip seems to be spreading like a wildfire. Accusations are being thrown around and no one can be trusted.
The case remains unsolved, but a few things are certain;
1) Dr. Abbot was poisoned
2) One of the dinner party guests is responsible for his death
3) Nobody can be trusted
4) This is not a case Sheriff Hrothgar could solve on his own
The Sheriff swiveled in his leather chair pondering deeply. There is a murderer in the town of Herot and if they are not unmasked soon it won't only bring on the wrath of Mrs. Abbot, but possibly another victim. The old, overdressed, widowed woman, enters his office for the 15th time in the past 48 hours, but this time she wasn't alone.
"Since your men couldn't do the job I've brought someone who can!" exclaimed Mrs. Abbot.
The tall, dirty blonde, green-eyed, buff man, wearing all black, approaches Sheriff Hrothgar with a smirk on his chiseled face and reaches out his hand.
"I am Bradley Beowulf sir, I am a detective from the town of Denmark. I specialize in the investigation of small-town murders" announced the Detective.
The Sheriff shook his hand and replied saying, "It's a pleasure to meet you, but I hope you did not get the wrong impression from Carol. You see, our station does not have the money to pay you,"
"Unless you were planning on taking care of it, Carol?" the Sheriff added.
"Oh money simply isn't an issue sir, I'm taking this case free of charge" replied Detective Beowulf.
"The charming man in the black suit might be the most benevolent person known to mankind!",Mrs. Abbot remarked.
The Sheriff glanced at the detective and realized, this was a purely good man. A man who dedicates his life for the sole purpose of ridding this world of evil. He questioned his morals in comparison to the lion-like man. He noticed a scar stretched across the upper right corner of his face.
The Sheriff turned to Mrs. Abbot and said, "You did good bringing the benevolent Beowulf, let's see what he can do."
The daily interrogations of the suspects did not work, everyone blamed each other and nobody cracked. Now that Detective Beowulf is here, Sheriff Hrothgar turns to him to find a better solution. They were pacing back and forth around the office attempting to conceive a plan.
"I got it!", Detective Beowulf exclaimed.
The Sheriff looks over at the Detective and says "I'm all ears."
Beowulf begins boasting about his grand plan saying," I will go undercover, as Mrs. Abbots cousin from out of town. She will host the first dinner party since the tragedy. I will mingle with the guest and take part in the gossip. Their guards will be down due to the drinks declining their better judgment. Sheriff, I guarantee you, by the end of the night, I will know who poisoned Dr. Abbot."
"That sounds like a plan." replied the Sheriff with a mischievous smirk.
The Sheriff fills in Mrs. Abbot on the latest plan and she was more than willing to abide by it.
Mrs. Abbot informs the detective on the members of the Five Prestigious Families saying, "Dr. Abbot; my late husband, was the most renowned doctor in Herot, a reputation of esteemed doctors preceded him. Next, you have………"
Although Mrs. Abbot only informed him with basic knowledge of the families, he would soon discover the truths behind closed doors.
Gabriel Grendel returned from work Friday afternoon, to his wife, Elenor who graciously greeted her husband handing him a white satin envelope which read, For Mr. and Mrs. Grendel. Mrs. Abbot was known for her infamous white satin envelope, it means they have been invited to dinner tonight. Gabriel Grendel lately developed a sense of constant unease, which was fairly noticeable.
Mr. Grendel lovingly looks at his wife and says, "Well, of course, we will be attending darling."
" Are you sure you would like to go...considering all that has happened between us and the Abbots, honestly I'm surprised we even got invited," replied Elenor.
Mr. Grendel pulled her closer to him and said, "It was a mistake, he is gone, let's leave it in the past as we discussed."
Elenor nods her head unconvincingly.
One would think her husband's ability to move on is a blessing, but she remains apprehensive.
One by one, the guests enter the Abbot household. Everything was extravagant and beautiful as always, but it was noticeable that the scent of blood and old bourbon was masked by an overbearing fragrance. Although, most of them would rather pretend the event had never occurred, in reality, one of them was a murderer, and the others were not safe.
The widowed woman introduces Detective Beowulf as her cousin from out of town. The men and women all introduce themselves to the Detective. Smiles are exchanged and hands are shaking. This was to be the beginning of a revealing night.
Detective Beowulf spotted Mrs. Grendel and Mrs. Rhodes gossiping in the corner and eavesdropped on them.
He heard Mrs.Grendel say," he is rather tall and rather handsome...too handsome to be her cousin!".
Mrs. Rhodes let out a chuckle whilst nodding her head.
Detective Beowulf felt someone tap his shoulder and turned to see the youthful Mr. Bradford trying to get his attention.
"You also hear that? Don't get too flattered this wouldn't be the first time she entertained the thought of being with another man!", Mr. Bradford exclaimed.
"What do you mean by that? Have there been other men?", replied the detective.
Mr. Bradford looks shocked and eagerly says, "You haven't heard?! Mrs. Grendel and Dr. Abbot had an affair!"
Detective Beowulf was dumbstruck. He wondered why Mrs. Abbot had refrained from sharing this crucial piece of information with him. He continued conversing with the guests building up his suspicions.
The Detective approaches Mrs. Grendel's brother, Mr. Lowell. He tells him to look over at his sister and brother in law.
He then asks Mr. Lowell, "So tell me, even with the rumors of the affair coming out they remain peacefully together? I don't buy it."
"Look at her, and then look at him. Don't you know? He is nothing without her.", Mr. Lowell responds.
"One summer she was driving through a low-class neighborhood on her way to visit an old friend. Her car happened to have broken down right in front of Gabriel's beaten down the house. He helped her out and they began talking. If her car would have lasted a little longer she would have never met him. I guess you can say its fate. He was a bartender barely making enough money to feed himself. She fell in love and brought him into all this wealth and got him an esteemed job. Affairs happen, but one thing I can guarantee you is that there is no way Gabriel will ever leave her."
Detective Beowulf was now even more sure of his ability to solve this case.
Mr. Rhodes calls everyone to Dr. Abbot's office, also known as the "lair". Murmurs of questioning were heard around the halls.
Mr. Rhodes reassures everybody saying, "It is simply the right thing to do, just come on and we'll have Gabriel make us drinks. In honor of Dr. Abbot."
Detective Beowulf asks to talk to Mrs. Abbot privately and pulls her aside.
He says, "Do the guests know how your late husband passed?"
"No, of course not. We did not reveal the autopsy to the public yet," replied Mrs. Abbot.
Detective Beowulf watches Mr. Grendel make everyone drinks behind the bar and decides to approach him.
He states "Gabriel! We haven't had a chance to talk. I see you are making everybody drinks,"
"Yes, as always. I used to bartend before I met my wife," replied Mr. Grendel.
Mr. Bradford serves the drinks Mr. Grendel had prepared and hands Mrs. Grendel a glass of wine.
She politely declines the glass saying, "Oh this can't be for me, I'm… on a diet. My husband knows that".
Detective Beowulf could tell from her reaction that she was hiding something.
Mr. Rhodes approaches the detective and says, "It must be difficult to witness your sister going through this tragedy. We all miss Dr. Abbot".
"Yes it has been", replied Detective Beowulf.
"Well, at least it raised awareness for the urgency of writing your will. Gabriel Grendel approached me with his wife. Since I am a lawyer he asked for my advice and guidance in writing his will" Mr. Rhodes informed him.
Detective Beowulf responds saying, " Does that not seem quite early to you? Mrs. Grendel does not strike me as the type to be thinking about her will this early on."
"Yes, it was Mr. Grendel's idea. If she dies, all her family money will go to him. He won't have to work another day of his life", replied Mr. Rhodes
Detective Beowulf had solved the case. All he had to do now was arrest the criminal. He leaves the room bringing Mrs. Abbot along, informing her of his discovery. Then he calls Sheriff Hrothgar to come into the house and arrest the murderer. He returns to the office and finds Mr.Grendel handing Mrs.Grendel a glass of sparkling water. The Detective runs to confiscate the glass before she takes a sip, leaving all the guests flabbergasted. He pulls out handcuffs from inside his jacket and cuffs up Mr. Grendel.
Mrs. Grendel yells, "Stop it! What are you doing?!"
Detective Beowulf reaches into Mr.Grendel's coat pocket and pulls out a vial of poison. He then replies to Mrs.Grendel saying, "I just saved your life. This angel of death is now being punished for his crimes."
Detective Beowulf flashes his identification and states, "I am an undercover detective working for your sheriff. You are under arrest for the murder of Dr. Abbot and attempt of murder to your wife. You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you."
Sheriff Hrothgar shows up to the house and brings him into the station.
The detective has all of the traumatized guests sit in the office. Each one shook to the core.
He begins to speak and says, "As you now know, I am not Mrs. Abbots cousin. I am Detective Beowulf. You may be wondering how I solved the case. I will briefly explain. I heard the gossips of the affair and I knew something was up. Mrs. Grendel was unable to drink wine and said her husband knew she could not, which I took careful note of. Then I heard that the Murderous man solely relies on his wife for income, which is why he would never leave her. I was also informed that Mr. Grendel had convinced his wife to write their wills in shortly after Dr. Abbot's death. Finally, I realized that Gabriel always makes the drinks which would make it easy for him to poison it. In conclusion, Mrs. Grendel is pregnant with Dr. Abbot's child. For a while now, Mr. Grendel was aware of the affair, word does travel fast here. He poisoned the Doctor, and shortly after Mrs. Grendel told her husband she was pregnant, and that it wasn't his. He lied to her told her that he would be okay with it and raise the child as his own. When all along his intentions were to kill you as well tonight."
Everyone, as expected, was shocked, a few even began outbursts of crying and shivering. The Detective knew it would take them a while to recover. The guests all looked up to Beowulf and began praising him and thanking him for solving the case.
Mrs. Grendel said while tears covered her face, "Thank you. You saved my life. How will I ever repay you!"
"I come from a small town that was filled with gossip and crime. My father was murdered by one of our neighbors out of jealousy. No one would have ever expected him to kill. From that day on I swore to make it my life's duty to rid small towns of the evil lurking at night. Tonight I rid your town of a murderous snake intoxicating your town."
The prestigious families of Herot built a monument in honor of Detective Beowulf. The beloved and benevolent man would forever be adored by the people of Herot.
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