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Can a College Student Take Good Care of a Parrot?

One of the many puzzles a student going to college faces is what to bring along. Of the various things to consider, a pet ranks high. However, given how much care pets require, it poses a series question as to whether a college student can take good care of one. The freshman may not be the only college student considering getting a pet. If spending time indoors is something you like to do, then you could do well with a pet. There is no better company than a pet that can have a conversation with its owner.
Parrots are the perfect pets to keep you company while you're doing regular things like searching for the best website to buy college essays. They are beautiful and smart birds, and what's more, they can talk when taught. Taking care of them, however, offers a different side to the story. So it begs the question of how possible it is to have and take care of one in college.
As a college student owning a bird shouldn't be a problem. Most individuals who own birds work on a full-time basis, finding time within your schedule should leave you enough time to care for your bird. So what are you faced with taking care of a bird in college?

1. Getting a Good Cage

A parrots cage is where it's going to spend most of its time, picking out the right one is the first step in caring for your Parrot. The cage should be large enough to contain the Parrot with its wings spread, and enable it to take up various perches. Also, the cage should allow it to move comfortably, and it must have enough space to accommodate toys and food bowls.

2. Cleaning the Cage and Companionship

Most birds leave droppings and shed feathers, parrots are no different, leaving their owners with a lot of work to do. Keeping a parrots cage clean is paramount. Cleaning the cage at least every two days is recommended, changing the floor coverings of the cage and keeping the food bowls clean. Between finding time to clean, you should be able to get some time off to communicate with your Parrot. Locking it away in a cage somewhere is not suitable for its health. The Parrot is a sensitive bird that doesn't do very well without a companion.

3. Paying Regular Visits to the Veterinary Doctor

As with all pets, paying constant visits to the doctor's office is essential. Parrots are generally very healthy birds. However, taking your bird to see a veterinary doctor, specific with birds, especially Parrot, will help prevent any health issues that might arise. Feather and beak condition are indicators of the health conditions of your Parrot, watch out for any changes in your Parrot's feather and beaks. Trimming your Parrot's claws should be done by the vet, as parrots have blood vessels connected to their claws.
Taking care of a parrot might be tasking, but it's nothing a student can't handle if he or she truly wants to have one.
Coupled with the tips above, change of diet, proper care for the Parrot's cage, and teaching it how to interact are ways you can take care of a parrot while in college.