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Blue Fronted Amazon parrots are very easy to train. If well cared for they will be an excellent pet but blue fronted parrots can become aggressive if not properly treated. They will usually bond with only one human and should not be expected to interact as well with a variety of people. There are several parrot training courses available that will be well suited for a blue fronted parrot.

There are a variety of parrot cages on the market. The cage for your blue fronted parrot should be a minimum 24 X 26 X 24. There should be enough room for the parrot to fully extend his wings and his tail should not drag on the floor of the cage.

Keep a variety of parrot toys in the cage along with a couple of perches. They will especially appreciate natural wooden perches that they can chew on and that they can use to groom their beaks and claws, however, the tips of their claws will still probably need to be trimmed.

Blue Fronted Amazon parrots tend to vocalize at sunup and at sunset. If they have properly trained and socialized they will probably not be unruly with their vocalization however they can be loud when disturbed or upset. However, they are a very vocal bird and will enjoy singing and talking at all hours of the day. Training Blue Fronted Amazon Parrots has been made into a simple step by step process by the guys at

Blue fronted parrots love to bath and love to get wet to the skin. A mister or even a hand held shower can be used to give them a good soaking. Offer them a separate dish, large enough for them to bathe in, at least once a day. Be sure to only put in about a quarter of an inch of water in the dish.

A Blue Fronted Amazon parrot needs ten to twelve hours of sleep a day or it will become grumpy and moody. It is probably a good idea to cover the cage to keep the parrot from being disturbed while sleeping.

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