Blue Front Amazon Parrot

Blue Front Amazon Parrots

Everything That You Would Ever Want To Know About An Amazona Aestiva


Amazon parrots are the best talkers in the parrot world, next to the African Grey parrot. The best Amazon talkers are the blue fronted parrots, the yellow head and the yellow nape parrots.

The Blue Fronted Amazon parrot is of the species amazona aestiva. In the wild, Blue Fronted Amazon parrots will often flock with other parrots species, such as quaker parrots, also known as the monk parrot.

The Blue Fronted Amazon parrot will average from thirteen to fifteen inches in length. Its feathers are primarily green with darker green edges and a bright blue forehead. Its crown will often show blue and white feathers. They will also have bright yellow markings on the crown, cheeks and ears and their wings will often be red or a combination of red and yellow. Coloring is very variable on the Blue Fronted Amazon parrot and each bird will have unique shading and patterns.

Blue Fronted Amazon parrots will live from 40 to 80 years with proper diet and care. Large stainless steel bird cages will ensure your pet maintains excellent health and exercise.

Wild blue fronted parrots are found in northern and eastern Bolivia, northern Argentina, Paraguay and eastern Brazil. Compared to many other parrots, such as the senegal parrot, the Blue Fronted Amazon parrot is a very mild mannered bird. However, it can become moody as an adult and may bite, especially during molting.

The Blue Fronted Amazon parrots, when compared with other birds like, the Eclectus Parrot, are quite amazing talkers. They will learn many words and phrases and will often learn to use the phrases in the correct context and with appropriate expression. They are great mimickers of expression, in fact. Although not all blue fronted parrots will be capable of very large vocabularies, they will learn to use their vocabularies in almost human manner. They will also often become great singers and love to listen to and mimic music.

Very outgoing and great performers, Blue Fronted Amazon parrots are often used as performers in bird shows and in zoos. Training your Amazon Parrot is certainly possible whether you're looking to teach them tricks or how to talk more.

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